STA Capitals Fall Field Lacrosse

Practices will run Tuesday evenings (East Ottawa) and Sunday‍‍‍ mornings (West Ottawa) from September to November 2018.

Fall Programs

STA Capitals Fall Field Lacrosse

Futures Development Pro‍‍‍gram

  • Intro to field concepts
  • 1 weekly practice - Sunday mornings
  • Practice pinnie
  • Optional equipment package
  • FUN!

Cost: $150/$375

STA Ottawa Capitals Fa‍‍‍ll Lacrosse

‍‍‍Youth Development Program

  • 1 Tournaments with an option for 2nd
  • Exhibition games
  • 30 hours of OTTCAPLAX pro coaching and team training
  • 2 weekly practices‍‍‍
  • Custom OTTCAPLAX Uniform and swag
  • Training camp
  • Optional equipment package

Junior kindergarten - 3rd grad‍‍‍e teams

4th gr‍‍‍ade - 8th grade teams

Cost: $150

Cost: $375